Fusion #115
Date: December 23, 2020
Location: Gilt Nightclub, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Jared St. Laurent, Rich Bocchini

It’s time for the finals of the Opera Cup, which has been an improvement over last year’s edition. This time around we’re going to be seeing Low Ki vs. Tom Lawlor in the finals, which should be a heck of an MMA inspired match. I’m not sure how important the rest of show is going to be but at least the main event should work. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the history of the Opera Cup and talks about how important tonight’s match is going to be.

Opening sequence.

Dirty Blondes vs. Ariel Dominguez/Daniel Starling

The Blondes have Ariya Blake with them instead of Colonel Robert Parker. Leo Patrick runs Dominguez over and boots Starling in the face. A middle rope powerslam finishes Dominguez at 1:37.

Result: Dirty Blondes b. Ariel Dominguez/Daniel Starling – Middle rope powerslam to Dominguez (1:37)

We look at Alex Hammerstone and Mads Krugger brawling last month.

Hammerstone says being put on the shelf for a month makes him more dangerous and now he can break free at Kings of Colosseum. All that matters is the World Title.

Salina de la Renta will have a surprise at Kings of Colosseum.

Low Ki is ready to claim the Opera Cup against a man he knows better than anyone in MLW.

We go to the Kings of Colosseum Control Center with Simon Gotch vs. Jordan Oliver and the Dirty Blondes challenging the Von Erichs for the Tag Team Titles.

Myron Reed says his match with Lio Rush is the biggest match in Rush’s career. The title has Reed’s name on it and the win will too.

Contra hacks the feed so Mads Krugger can say the Black Hand is coming for Hammerstone.

It’s time for the Top Ten.

10. Calvin Tankman
9. Laredo Kid
8. ACH
7. Mads Krugger
6. Richard Holliday
5. Myron Reed
4. LA Park
3. Low Ki
2. Tom Lawlor
1. Alex Hammerstone

LA Park demands his sons get a Tag Team Title shot or he’ll retire.

Opera Cup Finals: Tom Lawlor vs. Low Ki

Team Filthy is here with Lawlor so Low Ki brings out the Von Erichs to even things out. They go with the grappling to start with Lawlor taking him down but Ki pops up to drive him into the ropes. Lawlor’s armbar attempt is blocked but a short armscissors works a bit better. Ki slips out of a bow and arrow and they’re back up. Ki can’t get a choke as the grappling exchange continues.

Lawlor pulls him down by the arm again and it’s another standoff. Ki takes him to the mat so Lawlor slaps his way to freedom. With that not working, Ki pulls on the arm a bit more but gets reversed into an ankle lock. They get up again with Lawlor mixing it up a bit by grabbing a gutwrench powerbomb. Lawlor elbows him in the head before cranking on the leg for a change.

That’s broken up as well and Ki hits a quick double stomp. A Figure Four necklock has Lawlor in more trouble and he can’t roll out of it. He can slip out though and it’s an Indian Deathlock to work on Ki’s leg a bit more. Ki makes the rope and heads outside for a breather, only to come back in and kick Lawlor to the floor for a change. Some elbows to the top of the head rock Lawlor again but he comes out of with a backbreaker for two.

Lawlor switches over to the arm for a change and cranks back on it, followed by the forearms in the corner. Ki is back up and manages a Dragon Clutch with Lawlor biting the rope for the break. It’s back to Ki’s leg, this time with a Sharpshooter to crank on it a bit more. The rope is grabbed again so Ki kicks at the leg to slow him down. There’s a Figure Four to put Ki in more trouble but this time he rolls it over.

That’s rolled over as well so Lawlor grabs a keylock at the same time. Ki rolls to the ropes this time and hits a few elbows to the head. A middle rope kick to the face gets two and there are the Kawada Kicks to keep Lawlor down. Ki charges into something like a Boss Man Slam for two more but Ki is right back with the Ki Crusher. They’re in the ropes so Ki tries the rolling Liger Kick…..but the unconscious Lawlor falls on top for the pin and the cup at 24:41.

Result: Tom Lawlor b. Low Ki – Lawlor fell onto Ki (24:41)

Team Filthy celebrates with Lawlor to end the show.

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