• Not For Him: 37 Year Old Second Generation Star Reveals Plans For WWE Run

    What could have been. There are so many different ways to present a wrestler and some of them have been done many times over the years. A talented performer can...

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  • By His Ruling: Lawsuit Filed Against WWE By MLW Dismissed, Case Not Over Yet

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  • On The Market: Former NXT Star Free Agent, WWE And More Companies Interested

    On the market. The wrestling world moves very fast as wrestlers are often going from one promotion to another. Contracts have slowed some of this movement down, but those deals...

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  • Current Wrestling Star Announces He Is Battling Cancer

    That’s terrible. Wrestlers have all kinds problems to deal with on a day to day basis and you never know how things are going to go with their careers. At...

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  • VIDEO: World Champion Releases Album, Jams To His Own Music

    It’s a different kind of career. Wrestlers are very talented people and get to showcase themselves every time they get inside a ring. There are things that most of us...

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  • Three Wrestlers Fired Over Legitimate Attack At Recent Show

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  • WWE Amazing Argument In Monopoly Lawsuit (This Is Kind Of Nuts)

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  • Independent Wrestling Star Comments Over Leaked Pornographic Material (Safe For Work)

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  • WWE Attorney Responds To Lawsuit Filed By Major League Wrestling

    Now it’s WWE’s turn. WWE is the biggest wrestling promotions in the world and that brings a lot of benefits. The company has more money, more resources, more notoriety and...

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  • WWE Being Sued By Major League Wrestling Over Anti-Trust Claims

    That could be a big deal. WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world and that has been the case for a very long time. It...

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