Main Event
Date: December 24, 2020
Location: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe

It’s a holiday show and I doubt that actually means anything around here. This isn’t quite the show that is going to mean all that much but at least they have some Christmas trees. Granted I’m a week late watching it so the lack of Christmas makes me sad but maybe the show can make it better. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Reckoning vs. Nikki Cross

The rest of Retribution is here too. Cross grabs some armdrags to put Reckoning down but she’s right back up with a clothesline. Another shot in the corner gives Reckoning two and it’s time to choke on the ropes. A dropkick cuts off Cross’ comeback attempt and it’s off to an old bow and arrow. That’s broken up as well and Cross hits some clotheslines, setting up the running crossbody in the corner. Reckoning hits a dropkick into the corner though and she ties up Cross’ arm to drive a knee into the face for the pin at 5:15.

Result: Reckoning b. Nikki Cross – Knee to the head (5:15)

We look at Charlotte returning at TLC.

From Raw.

Lacey Evans/Peyton Royce vs. Asuka/Charlotte

Non-title. Royce is caught in the Asuka Lock fifteen seconds in with Evans having to make a save. Asuka kicks Lacey in the ribs as we see Baszler and Jax watching from the back. Royce gets in a cheap shot and we take a break. Back with Asuka in trouble but Lacey and Peyton get in an argument, allowing Asuka to suplex her way over for the tag to Charlotte. Chops abound and a big boot drops Royce. Charlotte gets pulled into a half crab though and Evans tries to play defense, only to have Asuka slip in for the save. Asuka kicks Lacey down and the Figure Eight finishes Royce at 8:03.

Result: Asuka/Charlotte b. Lacey Evans/Peyton Royce – Figure Eight to Royce (8:03)

We look at Randy Orton setting the Fiend on fire at TLC.

From Raw.

Here’s Randy Orton for a chat. He has been called sick, twisted, deranged and demented and last night, he showed he was all of those things when he burned the Fiend alive. Orton is not a normal man and he enjoyed every single second of what he did. He kneels down to look at the exact spot where it happened and says he can smell it if he closes his eyes. Orton: “Burning flesh has a tendency to linger.” Last night he couldn’t sleep because the voices in his head were gone.

All that he could hear instead was the Fiend gasping for breath and the flames got hotter. Orton says the Fiend is no more and he is the evil son of a b**** who took him out. Speaking of out, the lights go out and Alexa Bliss, on a swing set is in the ring. Bliss says he built this for her and now it’s Alexa’s Playground. Orton is probably wondering where He is. Maybe He is at a tanning salon or at the beach or maybe he’s at his favorite restaurant, eating his favorite food (Bliss: “Barbecue!”).

But Orton is right: it was right here where you can still see and smell what happened to the Fiend. It’s almost like Fiend was absorbed into the mat and now he’s home in the earth. But if he ever leaves home, he’ll come back to Alexa’s Playground and it’ll be like nothing Orton has ever seen. The lights go out again and…..we look at commentary.

Lince Dorado vs. Akira Tozawa

Dorado works on the arm to start so Tozawa does the same thing. Another armbar takes Tozawa down so this time Tozawa hits him in the face. Back up and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker plants Tozawa but he knocks Dorado to the floor as we take a break. We come back with Tozawa chopping away for two and elbowing him in the face for the same.

Tozawa grabs a chinlock but Dorado fights up with a springboard moonsault press for two. An Iron Octopus has Dorado in more trouble but he pops up with a swinging slam into a faceplant. The high crossbody hits Tozawa for two (mainly because it hit Tozawa in the face) but he’s right back up with a top rope back elbow for the same. Dorado superkicks him down and the shooting star finishes Tozawa at 10:47.

Result: Lince Dorado b. Akira Tozawa – Shooting star press (10:47)

We look at the Raw World Title match from TLC.

We look at MizTV breaking down to set up the night’s main event.

From Raw.

Drew McIntyre/Sheamus/Keith Lee vs. Miz/John Morrison/AJ Styles

Holiday street fight, so Morrison and Sheamus start things off. Morrison elbows Sheamus in the head and takes him down by the leg in a bit of a surprise. Sheamus is taken into the corner for some triple teaming but Sheamus powers his way out without much trouble. It’s off to McIntyre, with Morrison taking him down by the leg. The Glasgow Kiss rocks Morrison though and Lee comes in for a double toss suplex to send Morrison flying.

A double shoulder drops Morrison as well and there’s a double hiptoss to AJ from Sheamus and Lee. Sheamus glares at Lee, who slaps him in the chest, causing Drew to have to separate them again and we take a break. Back with Miz and Morrison being shoved off the apron as things have calmed down a bit. Sheamus puts AJ in a chinlock but Styles gets up for the tag off to Morrison.

That’s fine with Sheamus, who knocks him down and goes up top, only to be shoved down through one of the tables at ringside. Back in and Miz takes over on Sheamus, even ripping at his face to make it worse. AJ comes in and cuts Sheamus off, only to get caught with White Noise. The hot tag brings in McIntyre to clean house with a bunch of suplexes. McIntyre nips up but tweaks his leg (which Morrison worked on earlier and AJ damaged last night) in the process.

It’s fine enough to hit a spinebuster for two as everything breaks down. Lee runs over Styles and Morrison takes the Irish Curse. AJ comes in with some candy cane kendo stick shots to McIntyre’s knee to take things outside. McIntyre throws him into a Christmas tree and then hits a powerbomb through a table of egg nog and cookies.

The Claymore is broken up but Sheamus tags himself in to load up the Brogue Kick. Lee tags himself in as well and shoves Morrison into Omos’ arms, allowing Omos to drop Morrison through a table (with the camera cutting to the ring and then back to the powerbomb). The Spirit Bomb finishes Miz at 18:25.

Result: Sheamus/Keith Lee/Drew McIntyre b. AJ Styles/Miz/John Morrison – Spirit Bomb to Miz (18:25)

Post match Sheamus hits Lee with the Brogue Kick, causing McIntyre to yell WHY to end the show.

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