Main Event
Date: February 13, 2020
Location: Toyota Arena, Ontario, California
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Mickie James

It’s time for things to start picking up and I’m not sure what that is going to mean around here. Granted the answer tends to be “not much” and I have a feeling that’s where things are going to go again. We’re building towards Wrestlemania and while we have a few stops to get through first, I don’t know how much we’ll get from Main Event. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

No Way Jose vs. Eric Young

Young works on a headlock to start but the Conga Line dances Jose back to his feet. The airplane spin has Young in trouble and Jose goes up top, only to get shoved….right onto the Conga Line for the big catch. That’s fine with Young, who throws him back inside and drops the big elbow for two. We hit the neck crank and chill on the mat for a bit but Jose is right back up. The pop up punch finishes Young at 4:17.

Result: No Way Jose b. Eric Young – Pop up punch (4:17)

From Smackdown.

Goldberg joins us live via satellite from Texas and gets straight to the point: he watched the Royal Rumble and it gave him the itch again. Brock Lesnar is already dealing with Ricochet and Drew McIntyre, but what about the Fiend and the Universal Title? He never got a rematch, so here’s some Breaking News from Firefly Fun House News. William Goldberg is considering challenging the Fiend and that’s bad news for Billy, because he accepts.

Mercy the Buzzard gives us the weather report: it’s going to be a cold day in h*** before the Fiend loses the Universal Title. Goldberg says he won’t be intimidated and the only thing he’s taking is the Universal Title. The Fiend is next and the fans like that idea. Goldberg leaves and Bray says that wasn’t very nice. Let him in. Bray: “Bye! See you Bill! Bye!”

I’d watch it:

From Raw.

Women’s Title: Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

Asuka is challenging and has Kairi Sane in her corner. A headlock and running shoulder have Becky in early trouble but she’s up with her own headlock. Sane offers a distraction though and Asuka gets in a kick to the floor as we take a break. Back with Becky making her comeback with a spinning kick to the ribs and a flying shoulder for two. It’s too early for the Disarm-Her so Asuka grabs a sitout spinebuster for two of her own.

They head outside with Becky forearming Sane (who shoved Asuka out of the way) down but getting shoved down. Back in and Asuka Codebreakers her out of the air for two before sending her shoulder first into the post. Asuka’s running hip attack misses though and Becky gets the Disarm-Her in the ropes. They fight on the apron with Becky hitting a layout reverse DDT as we take another break.

Back again with Asuka getting two off a superplex but her cross armbreaker is broken up. Instead Asuka goes with a triangle choke but Becky muscles her up for a powerbomb and a near fall. Becky’s middle rope legdrop misses and Asuka grabs the Asuka Lock. They spin into the middle but Becky slips out to set up a few rollups for two each. Becky grabs a Rock Bottom out of nowhere to retain at 17:53.

Result: Becky Lynch b. Asuka – Rock Bottom (17:53)

The other showdown:

Post match Shayna Baszler runs in and jumps Becky from behind. She even BITES BECKY’S NECK to draw a bunch of blood for a scary visual. Medics come out and check on Becky, taking her to the back as we go to a break.

This was a bit violent:

From Raw again.

Here’s Becky, with a taped up neck, to calls out Shayna. She’s ready to break Shayna down week by week so come find her because she finds you.

OC vs. Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder

Ryder and Gallows start things off with Ryder’s headlock having as much success as you would expect. Hawkins comes in for an STO/Russian legsweep combination for two, only to get taken into the corner in a hurry. A slam and elbow drop get Hawkins out of trouble but Anderson knocks him off the apron as we take a break.

Back with Gallows dropping a series of elbows on Hawkins and grabbing the chinlock. Hawkins jawbreaks his way to freedom and it’s back to Ryder for the middle rope missile dropkick. The Broski Boot gets two on Anderson as everything breaks down. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Hawkins by mistake and it’s the Magic Killer to finish Ryder at 8:28.

Result: OC b. Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder – Magic Killer to Ryder (8:28)

From Raw.

Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe/Viking Raiders vs. Seth Rollins/Murphy/AOP

Rollins runs his mouth before the match but it’s a big brawl before the bell. We’re joined in progress with Murphy in trouble, including Joe hitting an enziguri in the corner. Owens hits a Vader Bomb elbow and throws in a crotch chop for good measure. Erik slams Ivar onto Murphy for two but it’s off to Akam to pound Erik down. Rollins comes in for the chinlock and there’s the Sling Blade for a bonus.

Erik jumps over Murphy out of the corner though and it’s Ivar coming in to wreck Murphy in various ways. A heck of a clothesline drops Murphy and we take a break. Back with Owens in trouble on the floor, meaning it’s actually not a chinlock for once. Rollins gets in a cheap shot on the floor but Owens manages a fall away slam to send Murphy into the barricade.

It’s still too early for the hot tag though as Rezar cranks on Owens’ neck instead. A DDT drops Murphy and it’s Joe coming in to hammer on Rollins. The AOP cuts off Joe’s dive so the Raiders cut off the AOP. Joe and the Raiders dive onto Rollins and the AOP and a Rock Bottom gets two on Rollins. Everything breaks down and Owens hits a huge flip dive to the floor. That leaves Murphy to tap to the Koquina Clutch but an AOP distraction lets Rollins hit the Stomp on Joe for the pin at 14:44.

Result: Seth Rollins/Murphy/AOP b. Samoa Joe/Kevin Owens/Viking Raiders – Stomp to Joe (14:44)

Everybody, all together now:

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