It’s the opposite of announcing a match. With less than a week to go before Summerslam, we have a full card already set up. There isn’t much time left and that means we can start talking about how the final card will look. In addition to that though, we can also talk about what might not be or won’t be on the card. While that might sound a bit strange, there are two specific matches with some uncertain statuses.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan will certainly not be taking place, though Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre is still scheduled despite not being announced. Reigns vs. Bryan is still likely to happen later on but Rowan was announced as Reigns’ attacker this week on SmackDown Live. The lack of time is the reason for Reigns vs. Bryan not taking place yet, as it is being given a chance to grow on its own. As of Thursday evening, there are ten matches scheduled for Summerslam.

You can’t jump that far so fast. Check out the big angle on SmackDown Live:


Opinion: I’d expect at least one more match to be added to the card, especially with the two hour Kickoff Show, which will eat up at least two matches. That means we need to have something to fill in the four hour main card and something like McIntyre vs. Alexander could do that quite well. Reigns vs. Bryan being delayed is the absolute right call as it seems like the kind of story that needs time so having it rushed through would be a mistake.

Which of these matches sounds better? What do you expect to be added to Summerslam? Let us know in the comments below.

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