It’s expanding the horizons. Over the last few months, the WWE 24/7 Title has turned into one of the most coveted titles in recent years. Various wrestlers have gone to some incredible lengths to win the title with several nights seeing multiple title changes. The title has been a world of complete insanity but one person has thrived in it. That success has driven him to….rap.

This week on Monday Night Raw, R-Truth won the 24/7 Title for the eleventh time, pinning Mike Kanellis in an OB-GYN office. The win gave R-Truth the title back after two weeks, tying his record for the longest gap between title reigns. R-Truth was so happy to get the title back that he recorded a rap song about it, which he released on his Twitter account on Thursday.

That is a happy man. Check out R-Truth’s song:

Believe it or not, this has happened before. Check out R-Truth’s original song about the title:

Opinion: I don’t know what R-Truth is being paid to do all of this stuff but it isn’t enough. This man has turned what should have been the dumbest idea in years into one of the funniest things around and the most entertaining part of Monday Night Raw. I have no idea how long he can keep something like this going but it has been a great two months and hopefully it can continue.

Did you like the song? How long can R-Truth keep this up? Let us know in the comments below.

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