Cedric Alexander

  • Monday Night Raw Star Vents Frustration After Show

    Can you blame Alexander? There are a lot of wrestlers in WWE and as a result, not everyone can be at the top of the card. They might have all...

    NewsMarch 10, 2020
  • RUMOR: So What Happened? There Is A Very Good Reason That Cedric Alexander’s Push Stopped So Suddenly

    NewsDecember 4, 2019
  • One More. New Title Match Added To Monday Night Raw Season Premiere.

    You might remember this one. Next week’s Monday Night Raw is going to be a major show, even if it might be the fourth biggest wrestling show of the week....

    NewsSeptember 26, 2019
  • That’s Not A Good Place To Be. Why Is Vince McMahon Cutting Off Cedric Alexander’s Push?

    Why do that to Alexander? Things have been changing in a hurry in WWE, but there are so many things that are always going to be the same. One of...

    NewsSeptember 18, 2019
  • They’re Running Out Of Options. New Title Match Announced For Clash Of Champions.

    This one isn’t really surprising. We’re less than a week away from Clash Of Champions and most of the card is already set. There are still a few things that...

    NewsSeptember 10, 2019
  • The Last Minute Moves. What You Won’t See And Might See At Summerslam.

    It’s the opposite of announcing a match. With less than a week to go before Summerslam, we have a full card already set up. There isn’t much time left and...

    NewsAugust 8, 2019
  • It Didn’t Seem Right. Here Are The Original Plans For This Week’s Monday Night Raw Main Event.

    NewsJuly 11, 2019
  • Job Well Done….Maybe? Three WWE Superstars Suspended From Facebook For Impersonating Themselves.

    Isn’t that what wrestling is about? Being a WWE wrestler is a complicated situation. While you get to travel the world and be a professional athlete at the same time,...

    NewsJune 9, 2019
  • New Title Match Set For TLC

    One more for the near Christmas card. We’re less than a week away from TLC and that means most of the card has already been set. However, as you may...

    NewsDecember 11, 2018
  • Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander Just Hit An Impressive Milestone

    That’s a long time. Cedric Alexander is one of the longest reigning champions in WWE, having held the Cruiserweight Title for about six months. Alexander won the title at WrestleMania...

    NewsOctober 5, 2018