I would call that reasonable. There are a lot of legends on the current WWE roster and Rey Mysterio is near the top of that list. He has been around mainstream wrestling for about twenty five years now and is still one of the bigger stars the company has to offer. However, his career is not going to last forever and he is currently negotiating with WWE over a new contract. Now we know what those issues are.

Things are in a strange place around WWE at the moment as the company’s income has been severely limited by the Coronavirus pandemic. With no ticket sales and far lower merchandise revenue coming in, WWE is not exactly in the economic position it was just a few months ago. That can mess with negotiations and that seems to be the case with Mysterio as well.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, there are two main issues between Mysterio and WWE. First of all, Mysterio wants a pay raise of some unknown amount but WWE is not able to offer much more at the moment due to their financial situation. Second, WWE is wanting the contract to last for five years but Mysterio wants the deal to be for eighteen months, the same as his most recent contract. Mysterio has continued to work with WWE without a contract for the last several weeks.

Mysterio is a legend in his own time. Check out some of his great WWE moments:

Opinion: This is an interesting situation as I’m sure Mysterio has a reason to want what he is demanding, but at the same time, other than AEW, there aren’t many other high level places for him to go. Mysterio is forty five years old and has a long history of injuries. You can only hang on for so long at this point and I’m not sure how long he can hold out with these demands while WWE is one of the few games in town.

What do you think of Mysterio’s stance? How much longer will he wrestle? Let us know in the comments below.

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