Since coming to WWE back at ‘WrestleMania 33‘ in what got one of the biggest reactions from the night, Jeff and Matt Hardy returned to WWE as the Hardy Boyz. The only problem? They weren’t broken. They were fixed, and sometimes not everything needs healing.

WrestlingInc are reporting that Jeff Jarrett has said Hardyz haven’t acquired the ‘broken’ gimmick, causing Reby Hardy to respond on Twitter, claiming this to be false.

Have The Hardy Boyz become "obsolete"?: Raw, July 10, 2017

This past week on ‘Raw,’ the Hardyz made reference to the gimmick in their promo following their loss to Sheamus and Cesaro at ‘Great Balls of Fire.’ The video above showcases all the references, which we urge you to watch a second time to see every reference.

Raj Giri of WrestlingInc asked Jeff Jarrett during a conference call for the rebranded GFW whether Hardyz had acquired the ‘broken’ gimmick, to which Jarrett replied by saying “No, they haven’t.”

WrestleZone continue this by explaining in more depth why the Hardyz were able to say what they said on ‘Raw.’ Jarrett had said “the ownership always lies with the publisher, and that’s not new to this industry, or intellectual property law.” However, Jeff Hardy wrote the song where the big references came from, so he could be seen as quoting his own lyrics which doesn’t put WWE or the Hardyz at fault.

Later during the same call, Jarrett said the following:

“…hats off to those guys in the performance, but it goes to the ownership, and there’s multiple writers. There’s writers who were a part of the ‘Broken Brilliance,’ that it’s very obvious that they’re no longer with the company. Matt Conway and Billy Corgan, to be exact. But you have Jeremy Borash, Jimmy Long, and Matt [Hardy], and Jeff [Hardy]. So there were a group of writers, without question.”

This would ultimately cause Reby Hardy to respond on Twitter for the first time in weeks.

So to reiterate what Reby is explaining, she is saying that she has an agreement with GFW not to speak about them or she will be fined $5K. We assume this means per tweet based on her tweet, though she could mean per series of tweets.

This would cause Matt Hardy to respond.

It should be noted that Matt also tweeted this earlier this week, which hints at a potential conclusion soon.

We strongly believe more information will continue to come out on this story within the coming days based on the large amount of developments the story has had. Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for these updates as they develop.

Editor’s Note:

I just want the gimmick to come or the case to be over. I don’t think on the Hardyz side they want to continue this any longer and on the GFW side they don’t know what to do.

What are your thoughts on this situation? When do you think, if at all, the Hardyz will use the ‘broken’ gimmick again? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Additionally, you can find me on Twitter at @SOSNH1995. We also want to remind you that we have a Newsletter you can sign up to. This will allow us to send you the best news in one place via an email. We also have the Wrestling Rumors app that we encourage you all to download to get updates faster than they release on our various pages. It is available on Android and iOS devices.


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