Jeff Jarrett

  • Triple Shot: Three Big New Matches Added To AEW Full Gear Card

    The card gets bigger. AEW does not have quite the same pay per view schedule as WWE. Instead of a major event every month, AEW presents one every three months...

    NewsNovember 10, 2022
  • Jeff Jarrett’s New Executive Role In AEW

    NewsNovember 3, 2022
  • 12 Time World Champion Makes Surprise AEW Debut On Dynamite

    That’s a surprise. AEW has come a long way in a short amount of time and a lot of that has to do with its roster. The company has put...

    NewsNovember 2, 2022
  • One More Gone: Another WWE Executive Departs In Surprise Move

    The shakeups continue. WWE has been going through an extreme time of change in recent weeks and there is nothing to suggest that it will end anytime soon. This has...

    NewsAugust 21, 2022
  • The Way Around It: Important Detail On How Ric Flair’s Last Match Came Together

    There’s a way around that. Later this month, Ric Flair’s Last Match will take place in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will be headlined by its namesake match, which should make...

    NewsJuly 20, 2022
  • WOO! Opponent(s) Announced For Ric Flair’s Final Match

    They’re up last. In less than two weeks, WWE will be presenting Summerslam in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will be one of the biggest of the year for WWE but...

    NewsJuly 18, 2022
  • He Kind Of Fits: Surprising WWE Legend To Be Guest Referee At Summerslam

    NewsJuly 15, 2022
  • WWE Hall Of Famer Returning To Company In Executive Role

    Welcome back. There are a lot of people needed to make WWE work. The company is huge and has so many different moving parts that it is difficult to keep...

    NewsMay 28, 2022
  • WWE Hall Of Famer Returning To The Ring Again Soon

    Welcome back? Wrestling is a unique sport when it comes to retirement. A wrestler can get out of the ring but then jump back in for a one off return,...

    NewsMarch 29, 2022
  • I Know You: Half A Dozen Guest Stars Appear On WWE SmackDown

    Get them a star for their door. There are a lot of people on the WWE roster, to the point that they are able to split the American wrestlers into...

    NewsJanuary 22, 2022