Leave it to the best to let you know how it’s done. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently made an appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up” program, in order to promote his new television show, “Straight Up Steve Austin.” During the segment, he graded a number of superstars on their beer drinking abilities, including Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

You can see the interview below:


Rodgers’ performance wasn’t up to Stone Cold’s standards and the Texas Rattlesnake gave him a C+ for his efforts.

“Straight Up Steve Austin” premiers on Monday, August 12 after Raw on the USA Network.

During the interview, he was also asked about a potential return to the ring, who he thinks are the next generation of great superstars, and more.

Austin was recently a part of the Raw Reunion show, where he gave a toast to program, along with several other legends, to close out the show.

Editor’s Opinion:

I love stuff like this. It’s always great when WWE superstars get the opportunity to showcase themselves in the mainstream media. Also, “Stone Cold” has become a household name for many people, and seeing him always brings back great memories for everyone. AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE, BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!

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