The “Lunatic Fringe” will have the opportunity to run wild in his asylum.

Earlier tonight on “Smackdown Live,” Dean Ambrose defeated AJ Styles to become the #1 contender for the WWE World Championship. It did not take long for the world to learn when Ambrose will get his shot at “The Phenomenal One.”

It was announced on this evening’s episode of “Talking Smack,” that the two will compete at the upcoming “TLC” pay-per-view, on December 4, in a match of the same name, for the title.

(Photo Courtesy of
(Photo Courtesy of

James Ellsworth once again proved to be the difference maker in the main event of tonight’s show. Earlier in the night, he tried to apologize to Ambrose for costing him the opportunity to be the #1 contender on last week’s episode of “Smackdown Live.” This would lead to Styles coming out and getting in both of their faces.

Backstage, Ambrose escorted Ellsworth out of the building, telling him not to come down to ringside to interfere in his match with Styles. The man without a chin did not heed this advice, and came to support Ambrose, despite being chased by security.

Ironically, this lead to Styles being distracted, which allowed Ambrose to hit Dirty Deeds and pick up the victory.

Editor’s Note:

Over the past two weeks, both Ambrose and Styles have put on absolute clinics on how to have a great wrestling match. I anticipate much more of the same at “TLC,” in what has the potential to be a match-of-the-year candidate!

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