Brian Kendrick appeared on the RAW brand’s new talkshow RAW Talk last night following Hell In A Cell.

Hell In A Cell spoilers follow.

After his controversial win against TJ Perkins last night, Kendrick appeared on RAW Talk to chat with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. The five-time WCW champion grilled Kendrick regarding his actions leading into last night’s match, calling Kendrick a “cry baby.”

In the weeks prior, Kendrick has been playing the role of the wounded veteran looking for that one final shot at glory. Before Kendrick stormed offset, he put to Booker a question: “Do you think any of that was sincere?” indicating his actions up until – and during – the match were in fact a ploy to keep Perkins off-guard as many suspected.

The finish of last night’s Cruiserweight Championship defense came when Kendrick faked an injury towards the end of the match. As the referee was keeping Perkins away, Kendrick then took a cheap shot followed up by locking in the Captain’s Hook for the win.

You can read the rest of the results from our Hell In A Cell coverage here.

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