• They’re Doing Well: Former WWE Tag Team Champions Reunite After Years Apart

    They did well together. AEW has come a very long way in less than five years of existence and the things they have accomplished in that time are rather impressive....

    NewsAugust 17, 2023
  • Heading Out? Edge Reveals Important Detail About His Match On SmackDown

    NewsAugust 17, 2023
  • Farewell? Report Suggests That Edge Is Wrestling His Retirement Match This Week

    Final? Retirement has long since been a complicated issue in wrestling, as you can see wrestlers say they are done and then come back later on. That can make for...

    NewsAugust 15, 2023
  • Never Before: Special First Time Ever Match Set For Next Week’s SmackDown

    That’s a new one. There have been all kinds of wrestlers throughout WWE’s history and only a few of them reach the top of the ladder. Those are the names...

    NewsAugust 12, 2023
  • He Has A Point: Sheamus Talks Frustration With WWE Creative Following Major Matches

    It happened twice. There are all kinds of talented wrestlers in WWE but unfortunately there are only so many spots to use all of them. At some point a few...

    NewsAugust 4, 2023
  • Welcome! Sheamus Introduces NXT Star For Main Roster Debut In Awesome Moment

    That’s a special moment. New wrestlers make their debuts every so often and it makes for some cool situations when they get to show up. This can include something that...

    NewsJuly 2, 2023
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Possible New Title Feud Coming For United States Champion

    NewsJune 30, 2023
  • When Legends Fight: Two Former WWE World Champions Have Teased Their First Ever Singles Match

    I’d watch. There have been all kinds of wrestlers throughout WWE history but only a few of them reach the highest levels in the company. Stars who become that important...

    NewsJune 27, 2023
  • He Didn’t Do It! Sheamus Completes Impressive Year Long Feat

    That’s hard to do. With so much WWE programming on every single week, it can be difficult to find material to fill in all of the house. That is a...

    NewsApril 22, 2023
  • The Small Screen: WWE Superstar Appears On NCIS: Los Angeles

    It can work. Wrestlers have tried their hand at acting for a very long time now with various levels of success. Some wrestlers are successful and have quite the run...

    NewsMarch 20, 2023