Kevin Owens

  • WATCH: Kevin Owens And Paul Heyman Have Epic Encounter

    They have my attention too. Back in August, Roman Reigns returned to WWE and one week later, he took the Universal Championship back as well. The win turned Reigns into...

    NewsNovember 29, 2020
  • WWE Starts Two New Feuds On SmackDown

    NewsNovember 28, 2020
  • Kevin Owens Returning To NXT (Not Like That)

    Welcome back. There are a lot of people under the WWE banner and that means that it can be rather difficult to figure out how to present all of them...

    NewsNovember 18, 2020
  • Here’s How WWE Is Thinking About Roman Reigns’ Title Reign

    That’s some interesting thinking. Roman Reigns has taken SmackDown by storm and there does not seem to be anything slowing him down in the near future. Not only has he...

    NewsNovember 11, 2020
  • Six Former World Champions Change Brands During WWE Draft

    That’s the interesting kind of move. The 2020 WWE Draft has come to a close and that means there were some very important moves. The Draft is a great way...

    NewsOctober 13, 2020
  • Guest Star Appearing On This Week’s SmackDown

    A special guest star. We are less than a month away from the 2020 WWE Draft, meaning things are going to be shaken up in a big way. This is...

    NewsOctober 2, 2020
  • Why Aleister Black Turned Heel On Monday Night Raw

    NewsAugust 25, 2020
  • Heel Turn Takes Place On Monday Night Raw

    Switch things up a bit. Wrestlers can do a lot of things in the ring and on the microphone but at some point, most of them need some kind of...

    NewsAugust 25, 2020
  • Another WWE Star Returning On Monday Night Raw

    Welcome back. There are a lot of different wrestlers on the WWE roster and some of those names are more popular than others. With so much talent, WWE can often...

    NewsAugust 24, 2020
  • Update On Kevin Owens’ Feud With Seth Rollins

    So much for that. There are a lot of common criticisms about modern WWE and a lot of them are rather valid issues. One of the top issues that you...

    NewsAugust 12, 2020