Are you really surprised? The rise of AEW has caused a lot of changes over the last year or so, with one of the biggest changes being the rise of a new major wrestling promotion. The change has allowed several wrestlers to see what else is out there, which means some of them might be leaving the company as soon as possible. That seems to be the case with two wrestlers, but WWE is not letting them away easily.

You might have noticed a lack of appearances by the Revival as of late. The team has made it fairly clear that they will not be sticking around WWE after their contracts are up, which should be the case rather soon. It is not clear if they are going to AEW, but at the moment they are still employed by WWE. While that is still the case though, WWE is giving them a bit of trouble.

According to, WWE has cut Revival’s pay during the final stretch of their contracts, either not paying them or paying them far less than usual. The team has reached their downside guarantees for the year and are being paid less as a result. They last wrestled on television on the January 31 SmackDown and at all at a March 1 live event. There is no word on if the team will be wrestling again before their contracts are up, with Scott Dawson’s expiring in April and Dash Wilder’s in June.

Revival has had their positive WWE moments. Check out what they did in the company:

Opinion: I can get this from both sides. On the one hand, the Revival has received their minimum payment, meaning that WWE is giving the team exactly what they were promised. At the same time though, sending them home and cutting them off does make it seem like they are holding Revival down. That being said, with Revival all but advertising that they are leaving as soon as possible, why should WWE promote them any longer? It may not sound like the nicest thing, but it does make sense.

Is WWE being unfair here? What do you see Revival doing next? Let us know in the comments below.

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