• Two Down? Two Former WWE World Champions’ Contracts Reportedly Expiring Shortly After WrestleMania

    It’s that time of year. WWE has quite a collection of talent on its roster and that means some of them have to be signed to new deals from time...

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  • Stick Around Why Don’t You: WWE Reportedly Extends Multiple Contracts Due To Long Term Injuries

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  • It’s An Idea: Details On WWE’s Plans To Keep Top Stars, Details On Recent New Deals

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  • The New Reality: Interesting Update On Several WWE Contract Statuses

    They’ve changed things. The biggest wrestling story of the year has been the official sale of WWE to Endeavor. This marks the first time that the company has been out...

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  • And Out: Two WWE Superstars’ Contracts Set To Expire This Weekend

    They’re out too. There are all kinds of wrestlers on the WWE roster and all of them are talented stars. At some point some of them are going to depart...

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  • No More Twice? The WWE Contracts Of Two Former Champions Do Not Have Long Left, Future Unknown

    Down the road? WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world and has been for a very long time now. It can mean the world for...

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  • All In: Several Top AEW Stars Sign Multi-Year Deals, Ending Speculation Of Jumps To WWE

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  • New Plan: WWE Has Changed Its Process For Negotiating New Contracts For Wrestlers

    The new way to go. WWE is a lot of things, but ultimately it is a business out to make money. The company does that by presenting matches that fans...

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  • Pick A Side: More On WWE Hoping To Sign AEW Wrestlers, AEW Looking To Do The Same?

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  • Good For Them: Details On Two WWE Stars’ Contracts, Why They Are Longer Than Most

    They’ll be around. One of the biggest WWE stories of the last several months has been the return of several wrestlers after their releases from the company the previous year....

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