Apparently, The Rattlesnake isn’t the only one who can do it. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel, in which they show the best selling of the Stunner of all time. This is to help promote “3:16 Day” this coming Monday on Raw, featuring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

You can see the video in its entirety below:

The Stunner sells are as follows:

  1. Austin on Xavier Woods
  2. The Rock on Austin
  3. Kevin Owens on Seth Rollins
  4. Austin in Santino Marella
  5. Ember Moon on Alicia Fox
  6. Austin on Booker T
  7. Owens on Murphy
  8. Austin on Shane McMahon
  9. Austin on Scott Hall
  10. Austin on The Rock

Editor’s Opinion:

I’m surprised that they put Stunners by Kevin Owens and Ember Moon in there, but they technically do the move, so it makes sense. Also, I will be curious to see how Austin reacts to the empty Performance Center for Monday’s episode of Raw, and how his return will impact the show. Either way, it will be great to have The Rattlesnake back and doing what he does best!

What do you think is the best Stunner of all time? Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page! Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter!


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