Something is missing. There are certain things that are associated with certain wrestlers. It might be a move or a catchphrase, but the most effective one can often be a gesture. Steve Austin had the middle finger, Hulk Hogan had the hand to the ear and the Rock had the eyebrow. Now though, you might not be seeing one of the most popular modern gestures of the time being.

Bryan Danielson was a guest on Rasslin With Brandon Walker where he discussed not using the YES chant in AEW. Danielson mentioned that he spoke to Kevin Dunn before he left WWE and was asked to not use the YES chant as it is WWE’s intellectual property. This was done as a request and WWE has not threatened any form of legal actions against Danielson. It is understood that the fans are likely to do the chant, but Danielson will be trying not to get involved.

It’s an interesting interview. Check out the full thing, plus Danielson in both companies:

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Bryan Danielson in NYC

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Bryan Danielson & the AEW World Champion Come Face to Face - What Happened? | AEW Dynamite, 9/8/ 21

Opinion: This makes sense, even if you ignore Danielson taking the YES chant from the UFC Diego Sanchez in the first place (as he has said before). The YES chant is not going anywhere anytime soon though and I think WWE understands that in this situation. Hopefully nothing comes from this, as it could be quite the mess with WWE not looking great in the process.

What do you think of WWE’s request? What is next for Danielson in AEW? Let us know in the comments below.

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