Like villains should do. Elias and Kevin Owens are an interesting pair. They haven’t been together all that long but they have a chemistry together which could benefit both of them and that means something WWE can capitalize on. That was the case earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, when the two of them said something that sent the crowds into one of the longest frenzies in recent memory.

I think it’s still going.

Longest boo in Raw history leads to backlash from Sonics fans: WWE Now

WWE has posted a video looking at the Elias and Owens segment from Monday Night Raw, featuring a look at the incredibly long booing from the crowd. Elias started things off by mentioning the city of Seattle no longer having an NBA team. The booing didn’t stop and was made even worse as Elias and Owens continued to take jabs at the lack of a team in the city.

Opinion: I don’t know how far the team is going to go but it’s cool to see WWE actually showing some attention to what they did on Monday Night. I could have gone for some old school heel promo work here as that could have gone on for a LONG time and become near legends as a result. Hopefully they get some more attention as a result of this because it was good work on their part.

Did you like the way they handled this? How far could they have taken it? Let us know in the comments below.

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