Vince McMahon has the final say. He is going to be able to say or do whatever he wants and that is the kind of thing that can cause a lot of havoc. At the end of the day, if McMahon is not interested in you, whatever you have going on is not going to matter. That seems to be the case again, even though it seemed that a pretty important storyline was being set up at a recent pay per view.

One of the more surprising stories of the year has been the rise of Otis, who has gone from little more than one half of a comedy due to Mr. Money in the Bank. However, things have slowed considerably for him since then though as he has lost both his briefcase and presumably his girlfriend Mandy Rose. One person had a lot to do with the former, but it might not be going anywhere.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was no follow up to Tucker turning on Otis to cost him the Money in the Bank briefcase at Hell in a Cell because there was no intention on having it go anywhere. McMahon simply dropped the angle because he had no plans to continue it in any way. Otis attacked Tucker at the show and commentary has mentioned it on shows since. Tucker was defeated by Ricochet in a short match on this week’s Monday Night Raw and was then attacked by Retribution.

It has been an eventful few weeks. Check out what the two of them have been up to:

Opinion: I can’t say I’m surprised by this whatsoever and that is rather sad in a way. I’m not sure how many people were looking forward to an Otis vs. Tucker feud but a quick match to wrap up a loose end would have been nice. It comes off as just leaving people hanging and while it doesn’t mean much for this story, it is something that tends to happen fairly often around WWE and that isn’t a good thing.

Did you want to see the feud? What is next for both of them? Let us know in the comments below.


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