You need another way to go. Over the last few months, Seth Rollins has tried to reshape Monday Night Raw in his own image. That is a lot easier said than done and something that has led to several people fighting back against him. Rollins has gained some followers of his own to even things out a bit, including Murphy, but the future of the story isn’t quite clear, and WWE has something else in mind just in case.

The big moment of the Rollins story so far was part of his feud with Rey Mysterio, when Rollins took out Mysterio’s eye. He then did it again at Extreme Rules in an Eye For An Eye match, which had two different intentions. First of all it boosted Rollins, but at the same time it gave WWE an out as Mysterio is currently working without a contract. Should negotiations fall through, WWE has a backup plan in mind.

According to Tom Colohue on the Dropkick DiSKussion podcast, WWE’s backup plan is to have Rollins feud with Murphy. This was teased during this week’s Monday Night Raw, as Murphy did not seem sure if he was willing to do as Rollins ordered him. There is no guarantee that WWE will be going through with the feud, as Mysterio could agree to a deal which would allow his feud with Rollins to continue.

Murphy could make a good opponent. Check out what the two of them did this week:

Opinion: This could work, though I’m not sure they are going to need to go in this direction. That being said, it would be a great moment for Murphy, who has seemed ready to move up to the big time for over a year now. Having him feud with Rollins could be a way to get him to the next level, though he has already gotten a nice rub from working with him in this story.

Do you like this idea? How do you see it working out? Let us know in the comments below.

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