Can you blame Naomi? WWE produces a lot of content every single week and sometimes, it just isn’t going to work out so well. Sometimes you are going to see a segment that does not work for one reason or another and it is very clear as soon as you see it starting. That was the case with a segment on this week’s SmackDown and one of the wrestlers involved seems to know it.

During this week’s SmackDown, Naomi, Tamina, Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans participated in a karaoke contest, with each of the four performing a WWE star’s theme song. Naomi won the contest, but Evans did not seem to agree and attacked her immediately thereafter. A match broke out with Evans winning via DQ, but not everyone was happy with what went down.

After the show was over, Naomi posted a video of the segment to her Instagram, insulting Evans for the attack. A fan commented on the video, saying that he would rather see the four women having a match than a karaoke contest. Naomi agreed, but said that sometimes they had to make chicken salad out of chicken s*** and apologized to the fan. There is no word on WWE’s reaction to Naomi’s comment.

It didn’t go well. Check out the contest and the ensuing match:

Opinion: Can you blame the fan for not being interested? The segment was fairly terrible as there was little reason for a karaoke contest to be taking place on a wrestling show. If you want the four of them to have a match then do that, but who was going to be interested in seeing these women sing? I don’t get the point to it and I can’t blame a fan for being annoyed at wanting to see wrestling on a wrestling show.

What did you think of the segment? Will Naomi’s comments get her in trouble? Let us know in the comments below.

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