• WWE Star Debuts Very New Character Inspired By Classic Movie

    That’s a new one. There are all kinds of characters in the wrestling world and some of them stand out more than others. Sometimes you see something based on a...

    NewsSeptember 26, 2021
  • VIDEO: Special Tribute Entrance Before This Week’s SmackDown

    NewsSeptember 25, 2021
  • WWE And FOX Have Huge Meeting, Here’s The Good And The Bad

    They’re the bosses. WWE is a huge wrestling company but it has its own bosses to answer to. Some of the biggest are the networks that broadcast the company’s television...

    NewsSeptember 25, 2021
  • WATCH: WWE Star Makes Return After Year Long Absence

    Welcome home. With so many stars on the WWE roster, it can be hard to find something for all of them to do. WWE has a lot of television time...

    NewsSeptember 25, 2021
  • SmackDown Live Coverage And Results – September 24, 2021

    Smackdown Date: September 24, 2021 Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee It’s the go home show for Extreme Rules, which is mostly minus the extreme....

    Live CoverageSeptember 24, 2021
  • Update On SmackDown Stars Appearing On Monday Night Raw (And Vice Versa)

    Only in a pinch. There are so many wrestlers on the WWE’s main rosters that they have had to be divided into two groups. That is a nice problem to...

    NewsSeptember 24, 2021
  • Special Match Takes Place After SmackDown Ends

    NewsSeptember 18, 2021
  • SmackDown Live Coverage And Results – September 17, 2021

    Smackdown Date: September 17, 2021 Location: Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee It’s almost time for Extreme Rules hold the extreme. So far we have nothing extreme...

    Live CoverageSeptember 17, 2021
  • WWE RUMOR: USA Network And Fox Want The Same Thing For TV

    You can’t do one without the other. Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have been the two biggest wrestling shows for a very long time now. The former has been running...

    NewsSeptember 17, 2021
  • REVIEW: Smackdown – April 13, 2007: A Different Kind Of Team

    Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling shows for over twelve years now and have reviewed over 6,000 shows. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,...

    FeaturesSeptember 14, 2021