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Fusion #78
Date: October 5, 2019
Location: Nytex Sports Center, North Richland Hills, Texas
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Tony Schiavone

It’s time to go back to the middleweight division as Brian Pillman Jr. is out for revenge after Austin Aries took out Teddy Hart last month. We seem to be gearing up for Aries vs. Hart at SuperFight in just under a month, which should be a heck of a match. Other than that, we could be in for a variety of things on this one. Let’s get to it.

Magnus/Septimo Dragon vs. LA Park/El Hijo de LA Park

Even Rich seems impressed with Salina. We get some respect shown before the match but the Parks turn on them in a hurry to start the beatdown. Septimo gets chaired in the back and Magnus is crotched on the barricade. Back in and Septimo gets whipped with the weightlifting belt, followed by some running splashes in the corner.

Magnus gets in a headscissors to put the Parks on the floor for the slingshot corkscrew dive. Septimo’s corkscrew springboard moonsault drops them again as Rich is trying to figure out who is who. Back in and a Swanton gives Septimo two and Salina is nervous. The Parks are whipped into each other but LA knocks both of them down with shots to the face. Hijo hits a super Spanish Fly for two on Septimo as everything breaks down again.

Park hits a heck of a dive off the top to crush Magnus, who somehow isn’t dead. A cutter gives Magnus two as we settle down into a regular tag match for a change. Hijo and Septimo come back in to strike it out and the latter hitting a GTS. A kick to the head drops Hijo but he’s right back up with a very fast Canadian Destroyer for his own two.

Park comes back in and goes shoulder first into the post, with Salina having to pull the referee out to break up a count. That leaves Hijo to hit a Backstabber on Septimo, who is right back up with a suicide dive onto Hijo. Back in and Magnus hammers on Park, who splashes the referee by mistake. Salina gets in a heck of a low blow on Magnus and the referee pops up to count the pin at 13:56.

Result: Los Parks b. Septimo Dragon/Magnus – Low blow to Magnus (13:56)

Contra takes over the feed and airs a video on how Jacob Fatu is going to crush Salina and Park because Contra is a cause.

We look back at Austin Aries taking out Teddy Hart two weeks ago. Teddy has gotten his own doctor to clear him and he’s here tonight.

The Von Erichs are coming for the Tag Team Titles next week.

The Dynasty isn’t happy with the contract they have been offered.

It’s time for the SuperFight Control Center with Tom Lawlor vs. Timothy Thatcher and Alexander Hammerstone vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the Openweight Title added.

Dominic Garrini vs. Ariel Dominguez

This is Garrini’s debut and he is in a fighting gi. Garrini drives him into the corner so Dominguez goes to the let, meaning he has to fight out of a quick armbar attempt. A gutwrench suplex sends Dominguez down again and this is looking one sided. Something like a Bubba Bomb sets up a cross armbreaker to make Dominguez tap at 1:49.

Result: Dominic Garrini b. Ariel Dominguez – Cross armbreaker (1:49)

Post match Garrini says that was a start so send him all of the grapplers, including Tom Lawlor and Timothy Thatcher.

Lawlor has blown off a media event this week but has no problem with Thatcher calling him out. He’ll knock Thatcher out.

Jimmy Havoc will be producing the Halloween special. Makes sense. It’s going to be called Slaughterhouse and we get a trailer.

MLW is raising money for Samu, who underwent a liver transplant.

Gino Medina is coming.

We look back at Injustice being cheated out of a win last week and attacking everyone as a result.

Injustice complains about everything that happened and promises to continue the fight.

Austin Aries vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

The fans are behind Pillman here. Pillman tells Aries to slap him in the face so Aries spits in his hand but gets kicked in the ribs, allowing Pillman to put Aries’ spit in his own face. A clothesline puts Aries on the floor and Pillman hits an ax handle from the apron for a bonus. Aries sends him into the barricade though and the missile dropkick gets one back inside.

Things slow down a bit with Aries picking his spots and striking away, including the hard shots in the corner. The brainbuster is broken up but Aries manages a neckbreaker across the middle rope for two. The chinlock goes on until Pillman fights up and snaps off a powerslam to get a breather. Aries is right back up with a suplex into the Last Chancery, sending Pillman into the ropes in a hurry. A superkick puts Aries on the floor but the suicide dive is broken up with an uppercut. The running corner dropkick sets up the brainbuster to finish Pillman at 8:10.

Result: Austin Aries b. Brian Pillman Jr. – Brainbuster (8:10)

Post match Aries says he’s been calling out Teddy Hart because he wants the Middleweight Title. Unless Teddy is planning on sending out his army of cats, get out here and answer the challenge. Cue a ticked off Teddy for the brawl to end the show.

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