That’s not the best reason. With so many wrestlers on WWE’s roster today, it can be easy to forget one or two of them. That certainly seems to be what WWE does from time to time and it can be pretty frustrating for both the wrestlers and the fans. Someone might want to see some of these people, especially if they have been given some kind of a story. That is the case with a SmackDown star and now we know why he has been missing.

One of the biggest and longest running feuds of 2020 was that of Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio. The two feuded for months and several others were brought into the story as well, including Rollins’ disciple Murphy, who wound up in a romantic relationship with Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah. The two have not been seen in a bit though and now we know why that is the case, at least for Murphy.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Murphy has been missing from WWE television due to the company having nothing for him to do. Murphy’s most recent match took place on the December 4 edition of SmackDown when he lost to King Corbin. There is no word on when Murphy will be back on television or if Aalyah will be back. WWE did have plans for Murphy to be brought back in to team with the Mysterios against Corbin and the Knights of the Lone Wolf but Steve Cutler’s release cut off the idea.

You might not remember him. Check out Murphy in action:

Murphy vs. Seth Rollins: SmackDown, Nov. 20, 2020

Murphy vs. King Corbin: SmackDown, Nov. 27, 2020

Murphy vs. King Corbin: SmackDown, Dec. 4, 2020

Opinion: This is one of those things that continues to astound me. WWE can find ways to put certain people on their shows several times a week but someone they have been pushing for months on end can’t get on the show no matter what. As Bubba Ray Dudley once said, if creative can’t find something for you to do, shouldn’t the creative team be punished instead of the wrestlers? Hopefully Murphy is back soon because he’s too good to leave sitting on the sidelines.

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