205 Live
Date: December 13, 2019
Location: Firsev Forum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Aiden English

We’re back to this show and it’s really hard to know where things are going to go from last week. It doesn’t help when the Cruiserweight Title changed hands on Wednesday instead of on this show, which is becoming less and less important every single week. One of the biggest deals coming out of the last two weeks was Jack Gallagher snapping so maybe we can get somewhere else with that one. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Angel Garza becoming NXT Cruiserweight Champion by making Lio Rush tap.

Opening sequence.

Ariya Daivari vs. Raul Mendoza

They talk trash to start until Mendoza shoulders him down a few times. Daivari avoids a charge and puts him on the middle rope so Mendoza jumps up to the top for a crossbody in a nice move. A baseball slide puts Daivari on the floor but he’s back up to post Mendoza.

Back in and we hit the expected chinlock, followed by a reverse chinlock to mix things up a bit. Mendoza fights up and hits a running forearm to knock Daivari silly. Some right hands rock Daivari and a dropkick puts him into the corner. Daivari is sent outside for a big flip dive and a suplex gets two back inside.

Mendoza runs into a superkick in the corner though and Daivari hits a heck of a Persian splash for two more. A hurricanrana gives Mendoza two more but he has to bail out of a Phoenix splash. That means Daivari can hit a Rock Bottom for two but they collide on stereo crossbody attempts. They slug it out and Daivari tries the hammerlock lariat, only to get reversed into a rollup for the pin at 11:05.

Result: Raul Mendoza b. Ariya Daivar – Rollup (11:05)

He needed the boost:

Video on Joaquin Wilde, who nearly died in a match in 2017.

Joaquin Wilde vs. James Tapia

Wilde starts with the air horn sounds and spins around Tapia without much trouble. A jump over Tapia sets up an armbar and Wilde sends him into the corner, setting up a nip up. Tapia tries a superplex but gets powerbombed out of the corner instead. Wilde kicks him into the air so Tapia lands face first on Wilde’s feet (the Wilde Thing) for the pin at 2:53.

Result: Joaquin Wilde b. James Tapia – Wilde Thing (2:53)

That’s a fast promotion:

We look at Angel Garza proposing to his girlfriend after winning the Cruiserweight Title last week.

Danny Burch vs. Tony Nese

Feeling out process to start as they fight over a test of strength. Burch gets the better of a wristlock so Nese slips out, only to get taken down with a headlock takeover. Nese fights to his feet and gets put right back on the mat as they’re taking their time to start here. Another comeback is cut off as Nese’s leapfrog is pulled out of the air for a faceplant. Burch goes up but gets pulled out of the air for a crash and Nese finally gets in a few shots to the face to take over.

The Lionsault gives Nese two and the bodyscissors goes on to stay on the ribs. That’s broken up as well and Nese hits a middle rope dropkick to put them both down. An enziguri sets up a heck of a right hand to give Nese two but he’s able to flip out of a release German suplex. A double stomp to the chest gives Nese two, only to have Burch come right back with the Tower of London out of the corner.

The Crossface goes on but Nese gets his foot on the rope in a hurry. Burch gets sent to the floor so Nese hits the big flip dive. The 450 misses inside though and Burch slaps on the Crossface again. This time Nese just muscles out of it and hits a running buckle bomb. The running Nese finishes Burch at 12:58.

Result: Tony Nese b. Danny Burch – Running Nese (12:58)

He’s off to a rocky start:

Raul Mendoza b. Ariya Daivari – Rollup
Joaquin Wilde b. James Tapia – Wilde Thing
Tony Nese b. Danny Burch – Running Nese

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