Not for WWE. These matches are not for WWE. The headline limit isn’t long enough, but let me say it again: these matches are not for WWE.

But they are against former WWE superstars. While the company will certainly paint Angle’s return as an escape from obscurity, he’s been very active in the time since his departure. Not just with TNA, but a variety of independent promotions.

The first of these matches is scheduled for February 12th with What Culture Pro Wrestling in the UK. Angle’s opponent is none other than Alberto El Patron.

The second takes place at Northeast Wrestling’s Wrestlefest XXI on March 3rd. Angle’s opponent there will be Cody Rhodes. Northeast Wrestling is also advertising appearances from Ryback, the Great Khali, and Jerry “the King” Lawler.

It’s always possible that Angle’s agreement with WWE would force him to withdraw from these events, but with nearly a week having passed since the initial announcement, we would expect that to have already happened.

Angle has discussed wrestling AJ Styles in WWE, but any potential plans for an in-ring return in Vince McMahon’s company are very much up in the air. A Royal Rumble spot would be the obvious thing, but (according to the Wrestling Observer) surprise entrants typically aren’t notified until the week before the match to avoid spoiling the entrance.

Kurt has said he’d like Steve Austin to induct him in the Hall of Fame.

Are you surprised to hear Angle’s still scheduled on the indies? Are you dying for a WWE return? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook!


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