All good things must come to an end, it seems–even if that “good thing” is the look of a major championship title.

A Redittor named dvizzle, who’s deeply involved in the business of making, restoring, and collecting wrestling belts, posted today that new United States and Intercontinental Championships are coming.

You’re certainly within your rights to question the reliability of “some guy on Reddit,” but dvizzle also accurately predicted the introduction of the SmackDown Tag Team Team Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship. The world of belt-makers is small, and news gets around quickly.

Reportedly, WWE wants new designs that they can own the rights to. The Intercontinental Title design is copyright Parks/Millican/Mann LLC. WWE has moved away from their previous belt-maker, Dave Millican, and likely don’t want to pay those royalties anymore.

WWE currently designs title belts in-house. Leather Rebels made the Cruiserweight and UK Championship titles, and according to dvizzle, will also be making the new IC and US championships.

Hints have already been dropping about a new title design on TV. Dean Ambrose asked for a new title on the most recent episode of SmackDown, complaining about the smell Miz left behind.

Personally, the IC title is one of my favorites in WWE, and I’d be sad to see the white and gold go. But if the new titles look anywhere near as gorgeous as the UK Championship? I’m on board.

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