In a recent blog post, former commentator and analyst Jim Ross talked a lot about the upcoming Wrestlemania.

In particular, he talked about the much anticipated match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, which he anticipates may end up a title bout at some point.

“I’d be surprised if Lesnar vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania isn’t for a major title to add to the personal issue of their rivalry. Lesnar is still the most fascinating talent on the WWE roster and with Heyman added into the mix it make Brock even more valuable.”

To add to the hysteria that comes on the cusp of Wrestlemania, he also said that he believed that the feud between Randy Orton and the Wyatt family, which has been enthralling to this point, may culminate in a match at Wrestlemania as well.

“Enjoying the ongoing storyline between Orton and the Wyatt clan which will likely lead to a RKO vs Bray Wrestlemania bout which will be good. I also think that there is more traction in Luke Harper than we are currently seeing.”


Both matches could make for quite the draw to Wrestlemania in Orlando this year. If even half of his predictions are true, we could be in for a treat.


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