The final Raw before Roadblock is behind us, and the TV show brought two freshly-booked matches for Sunday’s pay-per-view. Both of these have been building for some time. Who goes to war this Sunday?

Rusev has been making a habit of beating up Enzo Amore, going so far as to use his wife Lana to lay a hotel room trap for the Certified G. Enzo’s pal, Big Cass, will take up the battle in his friend’s injured stead. Big Cass versus Rusev will take place on the Roadblock Kickoff Show.

Why is that one a pre-show match, despite weeks of build that culminated in a sexy Raw segment with tons of buzz? Who knows, man.

The Enzo Amore and Lana segment from last week was much edgier than recent WWE programming has typically been, drawing up some obvious comparisons to the Attitude Era–or, at least, pre-PG WWE. The video of that segment is by far the most viewed of WWE’s Raw clips for the night, so why is that excitement being thrown out in favor of giving the battle away on the pre-show?

Let’s be honest–everyone loves Enzo, but Cass is the one who’s actually going to win matches, and this is the battle that feud was building for.

Oh well, it should at least be a solid battle of the big men at Roadblock.


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