It had been previously reported that Hulk Hogan has been reinstated to the WWE Hall of Fame, and made his return to the company, addressing the backstage locker room and apologized for his actions over the last few years.

But how did his return actually go down?

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, when Hogan gave his speech, he talked about how he regretted not only what he said, but the people he hurt and embarrassing the company. However, there were very mixed feelings with many not believing that he was sincere, and taking the speech as more of an “I embarrassed the company because somebody filmed me without my knowledge, and not that, under any circumstances, what I said was awful.”

Hogan then apologized for what he said, and did mention that he didn’t know he was being recorded. It appeared to most, that the majority of the talent accepted what he said. Much of the talent seemed to react favorably, with many shaking his hands and hugging him. Hogan was crying during the meeting as well.

However, another person said it was way more than 50 percent, not of just the African-American wrestlers, but of all the talent, who felt that the whole speech was fake and contrived.

Hulk Hogan Entrance Video

A couple of superstars have released statements, such as Mark Henry and The New Day.

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