It’s a new member….maybe it is? There aren’t many trios as successful in WWE history as the New Day. They came into WWE back in 2014 and four years (on Saturday at least) later, the team is still around and succeeding. The three man team works both in the ring and on the microphone, but what would happen if the lineup was changed? It turns out that might have been the case, at least in the earlier days.

In a new interview with the State Journal Register (Springfield, Illinois), Big E. discussed a few topics, including the possibility of adding new members to the New Day. Big E. talked about how some people might have been added to the team, which was originally considered to be a faction instead of a trio. While the team never expanded, there was a serious consideration of adding more members. Here are his comments:

The thing is when we first decided to do this (New Day) thing, we honestly saw ourselves as a faction. We had ideas of adding people along of way. But honestly I’m very glad we ended up as a trio because I can’t imagine it as anything else. … But we want to be equipped to do anything, whether it’s tags or singles. We definitely think that is a possibility and something we’re very open to, and we do believe strongly the three of us have the ability to carry that out well.

A lot of people … are very quick to preach breaking up (the team). And there are times, even like a year and a half ago … where it seems like (people say), “Hey, these guys really haven’t done anything … let’s break them up.”
We feel like as a trio we have legs to continue for a very long time. And that could mean we move on from the happy, clappy, gospel-inspired music … but stay a trio. Or we move on to singles. There’s so many incarnations of this group that have yet to really be forged and fleshed out.

The team is still going strong.

Team Hell No & The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers & SAnitY: SmackDown LIVE, July 10, 2018

Opinion: I’m rather glad they didn’t add new members to the team. New Day has a special chemistry that works on such a perfect balance that it wouldn’t make sense to add someone else. At some point the team is going to get a little too big and the group is going to fall apart as a result. New Day has survived far longer than most would have expected them to and a lot of that is due to sticking with just the three of them.

Would you like a new member of the team? Who would you want to see added? Let us know in the comments below.

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