One of our readers, William Moore (aka “the man with two words for a name”) attended the July 17, 2018 Smackdown Live show from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Below is his review from the event and some of things you didn’t see on TV:

TO confirm a previous post from Wrestling Rumors the show did start off with a pre live dark match of  the USOS vs The BAR.  This match was about 10 minutes in length.  It was a typical back and forth match with the USOS winning the match with about 5 minutes to spare before going live.  The arena was only about 75% full with a good majority of the 2nd level covered.  Which is a shame that the arena could not sell out with it only being about a 8.500 seat arena.  After the match the ring crew hurried and put a fresh cover on the ring. They played a replay of the drop the mic episode that featured the Bellas, Alicia Fox, and Carmella.  As you saw Hardy opened the show to a nice ovation.   First match AJ Styles vs Cien Almas.   AJ did his usual thing and played to the crowd during the commercial before Cien was announced. During first commercial break the show was still being shown on tv up in the corner.  So nothing to report on this for what was not seen on tv.  Overall a good match and one that went a lot longer then I thought it would.

Next they showed the backstage segment of Lana and Adien English.   Had a few RUSEV DAAAAAAAAAAAAAY   chants in the crowd but to no prevail Rusev was not there on tv.  He was in the building however as he was seen leaving after the show and a chant of  Rusev day broke out.  Next up was Becky Lynch vs.  “Gods greatest creation” Mandy Rose.   This was a good “quick” match and everything was seen on TV with Becky winning with the disarmer.  Becky then  cut a promo stating her case of being next in line to get a shot at Carmella.

Next was the backstage segment with Paige and Carmella.  Carmella got a good Pop of BOOOO’S  during it.  I’m not to sure if the crowd reaction picked up on tv or not.    Becky gets her match with Carmella next week and if Becky wins she gets a title shot at Summerslam.

Next was the quick segment with the return of R truth with Ty Dillenger.  The perfect 10 thinks Truth was talking to him however he was on his phone and Truth tried to explain what he wanted to say, but to no prevail.

Ty Dillenger gets the NON tv entrance.  Yea that’s not a good sign for him.  Match is between him and Samoa Joe.  This match was quick and painless to the crowd as Joe just was in complete control regardless of Ty’s quick burst of what he thought would hurt Joe.  This match also was fully on tv.  Nothing to report after the match as they both went back to the locker room.

Next on Smackdown was the “funeral” for Team Hell No.   During the commercial it was a quick set up of the ring and the image on the  video board before coming back live.  This also was entirely on tv.  The boo’s were actually louder in the arena then what it was coming off on tv.  To the crowds surprise once going to commercial after Daniel Bryan attached everyone,  Paige comes out  and announces the dark match main event between Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

Next was Kofi Kingston vs. Eric Young.. side note, I almost caught a pancake when Kofi threw one in the direction that went over the announcers table.   This match also was fully seen on tv, even during the commercial break with it being shown in the corner.  So far not to many full blown commercials.  Which I think personally is a good thing.

Next on Smackdown was the TV main event with Jeff hardy and Shinsuke Nakamura.  Good match over all as it was given 25 minutes to close the show.  During the first commercial hardy kept up the momentum for a bit then  Shinsuke took control  of the match.  As was seen once back from commercial. Match continued in Shinsuke’s favor up and through the next commercial.  During the second commercial  Hardy got thrown in the ring wall and continued to be beaten my Shinsuke up until coming back live.   After that it went back and forth until Randy Orton comes out of nowhere and beats the hell out of hardy until the end of the show.  Hardy tried to fight back but to no prevail.  Show goes off air with  hardy laying ringside and Randy Orton walking up the ramp.

After Smackdown goes off the air everything is done to get ready for 205 live. Nothing great or even remotely exciting happened to even mention.  Only thing is that TJP screwed up naming the city.

After 205 live was the dark match main event with Daniel Bryan and The Miz.  The 1st 10 min was the Miz talking and Daniel Bryan trying to get to him.   At one point the Miz got on top of the announcers desk and gave tribute to Ravishing Rick Rude with him saying  “Now for all you fat, out of shape Wilkes-barre sweat hogs, shut your mouth as I take off my robe and see what a true man looks like”   After this Miz finally gets in the ring and they Hug it out a couple times and then Daniel Bryan plays to the crowd  and finally gets to “punch him in the face”  the actual match was about 7 minutes with Daniel Bryan for the win.  He circles the ring and thanks everyone for coming out.  Show over.

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