Tonight, Monday Night Raw began with Shane McMahon welcoming the Hartford crowd to the show, but he was interrupted by the return of his sister Stephanie McMahon.

She arrived with a “warm” reception in the city where she was born, but Stephanie was ultimately back to inform Shane and the WWE Universe that Vince McMahon is making a huge decision at “Payback.”

This Sunday at “Payback”, Vince McMahon will make the decision to leave Shane or Stephanie in charge of Monday Night Raw.

Triple H didn’t appear alongside Stephanie, but it goes without saying that if Stephanie is back in power then so is The Game.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Vince McMahon does this Sunday because the power struggle between the McMahon family was an inevitable storyline, but WWE is bringing it up very quickly after Wrestlemania.

It’s more likely that the segment with Vince and his children will ultimately lead to a match and will most likely feature Triple H.

WWE probably could have postponed such a match until Summerslam, but the sooner the better so that there can be an established order on Raw every week. Many people are still upset at the logic of Shane running Raw every week. “Payback” should fix that issue and split power until a match ultimately decides the true power in WWE.

Do you want to see Shane McMahon stay in power or see The Authority return to power?


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