After Wrestlemania 32, Roman Reigns has become the biggest face in the company, but he’s still being booed out of most buildings that he walks into since winning the WWE Championship.

Recently, Paul Heyman appeared on “Wrestlers Talking Sense” podcast and he gave his opinion on what went wrong with Roman Reigns’ push and when the WWE Universe turned on him.

Below is what Heyman had to say about the WWE Universe turning on Reigns at last year’s “Royal Rumble”:

Where do you think the WWE Universe turned on Roman Reigns? 

“I think what happened to Roman is he was the right guy in the right place at the wrong time. Roman came in with all this momentum behind him and had WWE not announced Daniel Bryan’s return at the 2015 Royal Rumble and put that in people’s minds that Daniel Bryan could make this miraculous comeback two years in a row after an injury in which he had to forfeit the championship. Had they not put Daniel Bryan out in front of the people, who automatically becomes the sentimental favorite, then I think Roman Reigns would have been the person that everyone would look at to win the Royal Rumble.”

“I think what happened is was that by inserting Daniel Bryan into the Rumble, at a time when the focus should have solely been on Roman Reigns, it took the focus and the fandom away from Roman. After that, he became the guy who was standing in Daniel Bryan’s way. He became the chosen one by the promotion instead of being the one that did earn his way, fought his way to the top, stood out from everybody else that was new, and had the right look, the right moves, the right charisma, and was on the right path. I don’t think Roman is missing anything. I think he went through a period of time in which he went from being the hero of the audience to being the guy they resented the most. Everybody tried to dig him out of that instead of just staying the course and him staying true to his character.”


Do you think Paul Heyman is right about the WWE Universe turning on Roman Reigns?


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