Last night during the opening segment of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE and dropped the bombshell on Shane McMahon and the WWE Universe that Vince McMahon will be making his choice as to who will remain in power and control of Monday Night Raw this Sunday at “Payback.”

For the next six days, we’ll all be weighing the options, but the question is whether it’s Shane or Stephanie that will remain in power after this Sunday’s PPV.

On paper, Stephanie McMahon is the better choice. The Authority never lost power, and they’ve been in control for several years now. Shane has been in control of Raw for only three weeks, which could be considered a much-deserved vacation.

Stephanie has remained loyal to WWE while Shane left for several years to pursue other opportunities. Also, WWE is coming off the most successful Wrestlemania of all time where the attendance record of over one-hundred thousand people was broken. You know what you’re getting with Stephanie and The Authority.

However, Shane McMahon risked everything jumping off the Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania to gain control of WWE. Stephanie has never demonstrated her love for WWE in a big moment like that. She considers it her birth right despite the fact that Shane McMahon would be considered the heir if this were Game of Thrones.

Most importantly, Shane O’ Mac is one-hundred thousand percent the man the WWE Universe wants in charge of Raw. He’s fresh and three weeks isn’t nearly a big enough sample size to know the job Shane could do long term.

If WWE actually makes the choice to keep Shane and force Stephanie to submit or vice versa, they’re making a huge mistake. That tension should be kept alive for as long as possible until the inevitable Shane vs. Triple H match at Summerslam or even Wrestlemania 33 next year.

Vince should force his kids to work together and give us the McMahon power struggle storyline of a generation.

Should Vince choose Shane O’Mac or Stephanie?


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