About a month ago, it was confirmed that Daniel Bryan had finally signed a new WWE contract after months of speculation. The WWE Universe didn’t suspect Bryan would be leaving the company, but a lot of rumors were circulating about the details of his deal.

According to a report from DirtySheets, most of those details have been revealed. Bryan is now signed with WWE for the next three years with two more years optioned if both sides are happy with the other. Apparently, Daniel Bryan is making one million dollars in salary outright. After bonuses and other perks, his pay improves to 2 million dollars.

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The former WWE Champion is also locked in for at least 120 dates per year. Those dates are expected to rise to 150 or so over the course of the year depending on his position in the company. For merchandise revenue, Daniel Bryan is earning 15 percent of his sales.

Since Bryan is one of WWE’s top merchandise movers, that’s a good number. However, he’s also expected to win the WWE Championship on SmackDown again at some point over the next year. As a result, his sales numbers will improve and that should mean more money for him and his family. Overall, WWE officials have taken care of Bryan.

The WWE Universe can rest easy knowing Daniel Bryan is staying with WWE long term:

Daniel Bryan's "Monster" video

The long-term deal also demonstrates that WWE officials are satisfied with his health and body since his in-ring return. The WWE Universe has been unhappy with some of his booking. WWE fans can expect bigger things from him after the feud with The Miz ends. The rumor is he’s next in line to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship.

Do you believe Daniel Bryan should become the next WWE Champion?


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