Jim Ross has posted a new blog on JRsBarBQ.com with comments on the Ross Report offering good Ol’ JR’s thoughts on this week’s wrestling news.

Below are some of the highlights:

On WWE Hall Of Fame 2016:
“Obviously, the Freebirds will be getting a great deal of support because it’s Dallas and their rivalry with the Von Erich’s there was the stuff of legend at one point in time. The key is to monitor how many inductees are being presented posthumously. That will always be an issue that WWE has to consider along with gender and ethnicity. I’d submit that Sting would be a great HOF candidate this coming year.”

“Smart move by WWE aligning with ESPN. Creates awareness to a new, sports-centric audience and may entice displaced fans, and there are plenty of those out there, back to the brand.”

On: NXT’s Jason Jordan and Chad Gable:
“Really liking the up-side of NXT’s Jason Jordan and Chad Gable either as a team or positioned as individuals. Seems to me that Jordan, former Indiana Hoosier heavyweight, has been ready for a good while. Nonetheless all talents ar better suited to stay in NXT until WWE creative has a grand way to introduce them. In today’s marketplace, one’s introduction and their first six months of their call up are essential.”


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