• Oh No: Randy Orton Injured At Live Event, Match Has To Be Stopped

    It happens to everyone. At some point, every wrestler is going to get hurt. There is no way to completely prevent it from happening in a match or in a...

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  • The Goldmine’s Heel Turn: Where Does Enzo Amore Go From Here?

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  • Roman Reigns Bio

    Basic Information Name: Roman Reigns Real Name: Leati Joseph Anoa’i Birthday: May 25, 1985 (Age 32) Signed With: WWE on the ‘Raw’ brand Height: 6ft 3in or 1.91m Weight: 265lb...

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  • How Does Vince McMahon View Randy Orton?

    That’s a compliment….I think? Randy Orton debuted in WWE (WWF at the time) in April 2002 and hasn’t looked back since. With thirteen World Titles to his name, it’s safe...

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  • Relive 20 of The Undertaker’s Best Moments With This Video

    The Undertaker has been at the center of the WWE universe the last couple of weeks. Not bad for a guy who has only wrestled once or twice a year...

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  • The Wrestling World is Saying Goodbye to Undertaker, and it is Amazing

    We kind of knew it was coming all along. Wrestlemania proved to be the last hurrah for one of the greatest wrestlers to even grace the ring in The Undertaker....

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  • Undertaker Gives Rare Candid Speech on How He Became a Wrestler

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  • The Rock Isn’t Happy With a Big Partner of His, and Here’s Why

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a partnership with Under Armour, but after the superstar’s recent Instagram post, that may be in jeopardy. Kevin Plank, the CEO of the company, recently...

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  • Who is AJ Styles’ Dream Opponent in WWE?

    AJ Styles has already had a career many wrestlers would be envious. Having already dominated TNA, he has won the Triple Crown five times over, the Grand Slam twice over, and...

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  • Watch Roman Reigns Spear Kevin Owens to Retain U.S. Title

    It was a 17-minute battle that featured a lot of back-and-forth between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. But in the end, Reigns held onto his title, thanks to a dramatic...

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