Jason Jordan

  • Update On Recent WWE Backstage Changes

    That’s always nice to hear. One of the interesting stories from this year has been all of the changes taking place backstage in WWE. The company has seen more shakeups...

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  • More On WWE’s Backstage Shakeup, Including Huge Promotion

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  • Injured WWE Star Training For Return After Three Years Away

    Welcome back? Injuries are one of the worst things that you can see in wrestling. One of the scariest parts of them is wondering how long it will be before...

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  • It’s Not Over? Jason Jordan’s Career Ending Neck Injury May Not Be So Career Ending (If Everything Goes Well)

    One more shot? An injury is the kind of thing that can destroy anything that a wrestler has going for them. You never know when it might sneak up on...

    NewsJanuary 10, 2020
  • He Could Be The Funny One: Jason Jordan Has Some Great News And Kurt Angle Gives Him A Funny Reply

    At least he has a sense of humor. Sometimes, a wrestling storyline just does not quite work for a variety of reasons. It might not be a complete failure and...

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  • It’s Rather Sad. Injury Update On Former Champion And If He Will Ever Wrestle Again.

    That’s not good. There are some wrestlers who seem ready to break through to the other side and then get cut down at the last minute. It isn’t fair to...

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  • Rumor: WrestleMania Plans Revealed For Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

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  • Update On Jason Jordan’s Injury Status

    That’s just not good. Injuries are one of the scariest things in all of wrestling and they can strike anyone at any time. That’s the case with Jason Jordan, who...

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  • Here’s Why Jason Jordan Isn’t Coming Back Anytime Soon

    I guess bad necks are hereditary. It seems that every few days now we’re getting some kind of update on the status of Jason Jordan. Every few week it seems...

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  • Backstage News On What Jason Jordan Will Be Doing Upon His Return

    Meet the new partner, same as the old partner. Earlier this year, Jason Jordan was forced onto the sidelines with a bad neck injury. He hasn’t wrestled in over six...

    NewsAugust 2, 2018