I’d call that definitive. Stables are a good idea in wrestling as you can do so many things with them. They offer a great source of matches against an opponent while instantly giving you the kind of storytelling devices that can be very useful in a wrestling company. They have come back into prominence in recent years with some of them being among the top acts in the business. One of them was in line for a big storyline on Wednesday.

Despite not being around for very long, AEW has put together a rather in depth history. The company has all kinds of things going on with the biggest story focusing on the Inner Circle. Led by Chris Jericho, the Inner Circle has been the focal point of the company for a long time now and that could be the case for a long time to come. They still have ways to grow though and that was the case this week.

The big focus of this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite was whether or not Jon Moxley would join the team. Jericho had been trying to get Moxley into the lineup for weeks now, offering him an expensive car as well as a near half ownership stake in the stable. This week Moxley said yes and joined the team, taking the car keys in the process. However, after he and Jericho were alone in the ring, Moxley revealed that he was lying and laid out Jericho, saying that the only thing the Inner Circle had to offer him was the AEW World Title.

It has been a long road here. Check out Jericho’s initial pitch:

Opinion: I liked this more than I was expecting to and that’s because it was a well done segment. As soon as Moxley revealed the Inner Circle shirt, you could feel an inkling that something was up. It didn’t feel like something Moxley would do and that wound up being the case. That doesn’t make it wrong to go in that way though and they all sold the whole situation well. It was a good segment and it worked out just fine.

Did you like the segment? Will Moxley take the title from Jericho? Let us know in the comments below.

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