Chris Jericho

  • One More? Wrestling Legend Claims AEW Wanted Him To Return

    They had another idea. AEW has built up a roster with all kinds of different wrestlers, ranging from modern stars, up and coming wrestlers and veterans. It can mean a...

    NewsNovember 29, 2022
  • Ouch: Colt Cabana Explains How His Socks Nearly Killed Him Against Chris Jericho

    NewsNovember 27, 2022
  • That’s Different: Chris Jericho Speaks On Experiences With Time Displacement And Spirits

    That’s a different kind of story. Wrestlers are larger than life characters who get in the ring and showcase their talents on rather grand stages. It can be a lot...

    NewsNovember 24, 2022
  • AEW Signs Top Star To New Deal, Gives Him Several New Jobs

    He has a future. There are certain wrestlers who reach the top level of the industry and become legends. It can be even more impressive if someone becomes a legend...

    NewsOctober 19, 2022
  • Special Moment Takes Place After This Week’s AEW Dynamite

    He’s not done yet. To say it has been a hectic week in AEW would be an understatement. Between major backstage issues and all kinds of changes this week on...

    NewsSeptember 8, 2022
  • Ouch: Chris Jericho Injured, To Miss Time (But Not From The Ring)

    You never want to hear that. Wrestlers are finely trained athletes but unfortunately there is no way to guarantee their safety in the ring. At some point someone is going...

    NewsSeptember 1, 2022
  • Chris Jericho Hints That WWE Tried To Sign Him While Under Contract With AEW

    NewsAugust 26, 2022
  • LOOK: AEW Star Busted Open The Hard Way On Dynamite, Stitches Required

    That’s a serious situation. Injuries can take place at any time in a wrestling match. It is a dangerous, physical sport that can see someone get banged up one way...

    NewsAugust 11, 2022
  • Ouch: Nasty Injury Takes Place During AEW Dynamite Main Event

    It’s the nature of the match. There are a lot of match types in wrestling and some of them are a lot more violent than others. Some of those matches...

    NewsJuly 21, 2022
  • It’s A Painful Game: What Happened After Violent Ending To AEW Dynamite

    That could have gone better. There are a lot of match types in wrestling and some of them are built more on violence than anything else. These can be the...

    NewsJuly 21, 2022