Records are made to be broken. Over the years, there have been hundreds and hundreds of champions crowned in WWE (and if you add in other promotions it’s over a thousand). The most recent of those is the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, who set a record when he won the title.

According to, Bate is the youngest singles champion in WWE history and the second youngest champion ever. Bate won his title at nineteen years, ten months and eight days. The only younger champion ever was Renee Dupree, who won half of the Raw Tag Team Titles on June 15, 2003.

I love this kind of stuff. The idea that someone nineteen years old is a champion in WWE and looked as polished as Bate did when he won the title is remarkable. While he’s not the best of all time, he’s the youngest of all time and that’s the kind of record that always gets people’s attention. It also helps when you have WWE there to keep track of this sort of thing.


Do you think this record will ever be broken? What do you think of Bate? Let us know in the comments below.

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