This might not go well. Wrestlers are a weird breed of television characters as they are often designed to be as over the top as possible. You see some of the biggest personalities on television and some of them are rather easy to like or dislike. At the end of the day though, these are still people who are going to have some serious issues. A certain wrestling legend is having some bad health issues at the moment.

There are very few wrestlers who are truly influential to future generations but that is certainly the case with Superstar Billy Graham. The incredibly muscular Graham spoke with a ton of charisma, wore boas and bright colors and called people brother. You can see Graham’s influence in both Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner, among other wrestlers down the line. Graham might not be as remembered today, but he is still around, albeit in some fairly poor health.

Graham’s wife Valerie has made a post to Facebook announcing that Graham has been hospitalized due to an infection in his toe. The infection is also reaching Graham’s bone and is made worse by Graham having severe health issues in addition to the infection. Graham is diabetic and is suffering from congestive heart failure. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with his expenses.

Admin notice. Please read the following from Billy’s wife Valerie. Please pray for and support the superstar’s well…

Posted by Billy Graham on Thursday, 17 December 2020

The Superstar has had some battles over the years. Check out some of his greatest moments:

Opinion: Graham seems like he has been having health issues for the better part of ever now and it is horrible to see these things happening to him over and over. I’m not sure what this is going to mean for Graham in either the short or long term, but it certainly does not sound good. Hopefully he bounces back from the whole thing again, as he would be quite the loss to the wrestling industry.

What do you think of Graham? Who is the most influential wrestler ever? Let us know in the comments below.

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