Superstar Billy Graham

  • WATCH: Wrestling World Pays Tribute To Superstar Billy Graham

    He deserves it. There have been countless wrestlers throughout history but only a few of them have been truly influential. A small number of wrestlers have influenced other major names...

    NewsMay 19, 2023
  • “Superstar” Billy Graham Passes Away At Age 79

    NewsMay 17, 2023
  • On The Mend: Update On Wrestling Legend’s Health Status, Leaving Hospital Soon

    That’s a step forward. Wrestlers have to deal with a lot of issues during their careers, but some of those problems do not go away once they retire from the...

    NewsJanuary 26, 2023
  • Stronger Still: Great News On Health Status Of Hospitalized Wrestling Legend

    That’s a big upgrade. Wrestlers have rather physical jobs and there is almost no way to prevent some kind of wear and tear on their bodies over the years. At...

    NewsJanuary 16, 2023
  • WWE Hall Of Famer In Hospital With Serious Medical Problems

    That doesn’t sound good. Wrestlers are larger than life characters and that is what makes them successful. The more over the top they can be the better, as that is...

    NewsSeptember 23, 2021
  • WWE Hall Of Famer Hospitalized

    This might not go well. Wrestlers are a weird breed of television characters as they are often designed to be as over the top as possible. You see some of...

    NewsDecember 18, 2020
  • Superstar Billy Graham Rips Ronda Rousey On Facebook

    NewsApril 18, 2018
  • WWE Hall of Famer Wants Dusty Rhodes' Old NXT Job

    “Superstar” Billy Graham To Miss Wrestlemania Because of A “Life & Death Problem”

    WWE Legend “Superstar” Billy Graham was scheduled to attend Wrestlemania Axxess signings, but now those responsibilities have fallen to Mick Foley. Graham had to forfeit the spot due to a...

    NewsMarch 17, 2016
  • Another Former WWE Superstar Signs Legends Deal

    WWE has been locking down a lot of legends lately. First, Tatanka received a Legends contract to represent WWE after decades of work in the industry. Then “Superstar” Billy Graham got...

    NewsNovember 6, 2015
  • WWE Hall of Famer Wants Dusty Rhodes' Old NXT Job

    Huge Former WWE “Superstar” Signs Legends Contract

    Billy “Superstar” Graham was too important to WWE and the wrestling industry not to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Thankfully, he was inducted in 2004. Thankfully today, Graham...

    NewsNovember 4, 2015