Murphy? Wrestling names are some of the most important things in all of in the sport. If you have a name that doesn’t sound good or doesn’t fit, you can be in for quite the problem. Sometimes a wrestler’s name is changed at the drop of a hat, even if they are already established under another name. That is the case again, and it is a rather sudden change.

Monday Night Raw is in an interesting place at the moment as the cast of characters is starting to change. With so many names changing places, it is interesting to see how things are going to be going in the near future. WWE has done a nice job of establishing some new stars, but they have a few more hurdles to clear. They put one of their hurdles in their own way though and it’s a bit annoying.

As seen on his profile, Buddy Murphy’s name has officially been shortened to just Murphy. This continues a trend for WWE names, many of which have been shortened over the last few years. Some of these names include Apollo Crews, both members of Heavy Machinery and Mustafa Ali. In some cases, such as Crews and Ali, the full name was later restored.

Whatever his name is, he can go in the ring. Check out some of Murphy’s recent successes:

Opinion: For the life of me I don’t see why this is a good idea yet WWE keeps at it. Was Buddy Murphy really that bad of a name? He used the name to win an NXT Tag Team Title, a Cruiserweight Title and now a Raw Tag Team Title, which isn’t a bad resume whatsoever. But no, the big problem was that Buddy name, because otherwise he would be even more successful. I really don’t follow the logic, but I’m sure WWE could explain it to me.

Do you like the name change? Will WWE change it back? Let us know in the comments below.

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