It might have been the Match of the Year. If there’s one thing that has helped to carry WWE over the last few years, it’s been the rise of stables.

Two of the biggest ever are the Shield and the Wyatt Family and it was clear that their first clash would be one of the better matches WWE could put on. That was indeed the case and now you can watch it again for free.

WWE has posted the full match from “Elimination Chamber 2014” on their YouTube page. This match was built up for several weeks with no actual violence between the two teams. Instead they were kept apart for the entire time until the eventual showdown. The match was a wild brawl and one of the most entertaining things in a long time.

Just….dang man. This is the kind of match that never gets old and that’s not something you see every day. It was two trios who couldn’t conceivably lose with a lot of time to beat the heck out of each other. Shield was still one of the best acts around but the Wyatts were clearly on the rise. It’s a great match and more than worth going out of your way to watch in full.

Which team did you like better? Which would you like to see reform? Let us know in the comments below.


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