Oh snap! Wrestlers are, by definition, not the most logical people in the world. They’re big, strong, adrenaline filled people who like to go out and beat people up for a living. This happens every week and more often than not, someone has to lose in the process. That often doesn’t sit well with them, including when the pressure gets to be a little too much. When that happens, wrestlers can go over the edge and when they do, it’s often some of the best stuff that you’ll see.

I told you they’re crazy.

When Superstars snapped: WWE Top 10, June 25, 2018

WWE has released a new Top Ten video looking at When WWE Superstars Snapped. Inspired by last Monday’s moment with Ronda Rousey losing her cool and destroying both Alexa Bliss and Kurt Angle, the list looks at wrestlers who have gone overboard and attacked various people or objects. These range back over twenty years and involve some of the biggest names in the company’s history.

Make sure to check out last week’s Monday Night Raw results to see what set this off.

Opinion: These are some of the best things about wrestling because it’s one of the times where you break the norm. That’s going to get fans’ attention and it’s what happens here. It’s out of nowhere most of the time and makes you want to see how far someone is going to take it. These things don’t happen very often, but when they do they work quite well and often lead to something bigger down the line.

Did WWE get the top spot right? Which entry did WWE miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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