It’s like a title. While there can be a lot of things going on at times, wrestling is ultimately about competition. In theory, every wrestler is supposed to be there to win titles or championships, or at worst there to win matches to make the most money. It is something that makes a lot of sense and has worked forever in wrestling. That is still the case today and AEW demonstrated it this week.

Since its inception, AEW has gone out of its way to make its women’s division an important part of the company. The Women’s Title has been treated as a major accomplishment for nearly a year now and that shows no sign of slowing down. The division has been such a big deal that the company is ready to expand it a bit, or at least testing the waters to see what they can do.

A women’s tag team tournament, dubbed the Deadly Draw, was announced on this week’s AEW Dynamite. The tournament will feature sixteen women in eight teams with various names included in the video, though no specific names have been announced. There was also no price for the winner or start date listed, though the tournament is said to begin “this summer”.

This has some potential. Check out the hype video for the tournament:

Opinion: It sounds cool on paper, but I’m really hoping that the company isn’t planning on Women’s Tag Team Titles. WWE has far more names in their women’s divisions and are barely able to keep the titles active. A one off is fine, but I really don’t think AEW is ready for something like this full time. Granted they haven’t announced that yet, but that would seem to be a possibility for something like this.

Are you interested in the tournament? How do you see it going? Let us know in the comments below.

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